For over 30 years Confezioni Rekord has been producing men and women's custom-tailored shirts destined for boutiques, stores and clothing chains, with shipment across italy and all over the world.


Coming from a rich heritage in tailoring, Confezioni Rekord was founded in 1984 by enterprising Vasco and his wife, Roberta. The company immediately becomes a point of reference for the production of shirts destined for Italian companies and for the most important foreign markets, such as the United States, Canada, Japan and England.


Confezioni Rekord passionately faces all the challenges of a constantly changing market, and from 2008, it has been specializing in men and women's custom-tailored shirts destined for stores. All of this has been possible thanks to the founders' daughters, who joined the company: Laura, for the modeling, and Federica, for the tailoring.


Confezioni Rekord believes in "Made in Italy" excellence and it proves it by keeping its roots in the Italian territory. The company is always interested in searching for new markets and new technlogies to improve the production processes; its aim is to promote the Italian high-quality shirt making worldwide.


The heart of Confezioni Rekord

The Pesci Family

Confezioni Rekord already contains in its name an ambitious goal: to guarantee a record-breaking quality, professionalism and competitiveness for the customer. The expert family management has allowed the shirt factory to develop a professional working environment that is, at the same time, also inspiring and welcoming.