Shirts for every occasion

Confezioni Rekord produces men and women's shirts for small and large companies. These shirts are customizable according to the customer's request of patterns, styles, details and occasions of use

Dress shirt

Black tie model with bosom and cufflinks, classic collar for neck-tie or bow-tie. Elegant shape, perfect for special events and ceremonies.

Classic Shirts

Comfortable, with a basic shape. It is versatile in the simplicity of its style, and perfect as an everyday business outfit.

Casual shirts

Slim-fit, it is designed for a younger clientele that loves casual outfits and follows the latest trends.



Both traditional and modern, always in line with the new trends of fashion. Collars are made with heat-activated adhesives of different weights or unfused interlinings provided by the best suppliers.



Automatic cross seam with the possibility, if requested, of fixing the buttons with a neck-wrapping machine that ensures durability and quality.



Confezioni Rekord offers the option of customizing the shirts with embroidered initials in block capitals or in italics and in different colors. This service is applied upon request.



The company offers the possibility of printing labels with the textile composition that can be customizable according to the customer's wishes.